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It was on the 18th of Dhul Hijjah of the last pilgrimage of the Messenger of Allah(sa) that his(Ali) investiture took place where by divine decree he was appointed the Master of all believers at Ghadir Khum.

All Muslims accepted that the Messenger of Allah(sa) stopped at Ghadir Khum and made a speech but some claimed that ‘it was not significant’.

Is there any speech of the best of creation and the most beloved of Allah that is not significant?Why should the Messenger of Allah(sa) stopped tens of thousands of his companions to make a speech if it is not significant?

The Messenger of Allah(sa) said on that day:

"Whoever I am his master,Ali is his master."

A section of the Muslim Ummah refused to take hide of this famous declaration of the last Messenger of Allah(sa),some of them not only fought him but they established a despicable tradition of cursing Imam Ali(as) on the pupits of Friday prayers.This despicable tradition was instituted by Muaiwiyyah Ibn Abu Sufyan and lasted for more than 60 years,it was stopped by Umar Ibn Abdulaziz(rd).

May the eternal curse and damnation be upon all those who instituted the curse on Imam Ali(as) and all those who participated in that despicable act!

Salam Alayka Ya Amir ul-Mu’meneen

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